Frequently Asked Questions

Do you travel or do I come to you?
Typically, I host at my home studio in Kew, but am able to travel upon request. I charge $100 p/hr of travel or proportionately i.e. 20 minutes of travel is $33.


How do you collect payment?
Payment is due at the end of an application. I am happy for you to pay with cash or via transfer. 


How should I prepare for my makeup?
Drink lots of water and try to take care of your skin leading up to the appointment. Avoid any chemical exfoliants 4 days before the application (Glycolic acid, AHA, BHA). On the day, I’ll prep your skin accordingly before we start the application so please prepare with a clean, bare and moisturised base.
If you would like to take extra care of your skin leading up to a special event, let me know and I would be happy to recommend some products for you to use.


What happens if I have sensitive or reactive skin?
You and me both! I personally test all products in my kit before I use them on a client, but if you are particularly sensitive or reactive skin please let me know so I can prepare accordingly.
This includes if you have sensitivity or allergies to any particular ingredients or have eczema or psoriasis.


What brands do you use?
A little bit of everything. I am a former Mecca artist, so the majority of brands I use are from there. Some of the brands I use include Stila, Tarte, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Nars, Chantecaille, Tatcha, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Benefit, Viseart, Bobbi Brown, Mac, Ellis Faas, Hourglass, CoverFX and Zoeva.


Should I get my hair done before or after my makeup?
I would recommend having your hair done before makeup. Sometimes the water from washing or heat from the hairdryer can cause your makeup to wear quicker than it might otherwise.
However, I do understand that its not always an option if appointment times don’t align, and we can work around it by talking about how you might touch up your makeup after.


Do you do hair?
I don’t – and for your sake that’s probably a good thing! I’m always working with different hairstylists. If you need a recommendation, let me know and I’d be happy to help.


How long does an application take?
A standard makeup application takes between 45 minutes – 1 hour. A Pro application takes 90 minutes. If I’m coming to you, I usually allow 20 minutes for set up and pack up combined in addition to the application time.


Do you offer gift certificates?
Sure do. Please email me at

Makeup Application

How much do you charge for bridal makeup?

I charge $120 for bridal and $110 for bridal party.

How much advance do you need for a wedding?

Weekends often book out quickly, particularly during wedding season (Spring-Summer). I would recommend a minimum of 6 months for bridal bookings.

Do you do trials for bridal?

Yes, most definitely - and I strongly recommend it. At the trial we chat about the look you want on the big day and how you might prepare your skin. It’s also a great opportunity to make some tweaks and refine the look so it is exactly how you would like it.

Most brides like to book their trial for their hen’s or engagement, so it doesn’t feel like the makeup goes to waste. You will get the most out of your trial when there is little time pressure, so try to arrange it on a day when you can easily accommodate 1.5-2 hours.

Can you stay to touch up with photos?

Sure can! Please let me know in your enquiry and I can include this as part of your quote.

Do you travel to location weddings?

Yes I do, I charge a standard travel fee of $100 per hour of travel or proportionately. Please include the details as part of your enquiry.




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